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The story of 1909.

Based in Lethbridge, Alberta

Who we are.

1909 is a women's clothing boutique offering beautiful, thoughtfully curated pieces that fit perfectly in any closet. We work hard to provide our lovely customers with quality, unique styles that make you feel gorgeous!

Live your legacy.

Why 1909?

1909 is the year of birth of founder, Kara's great grandmother Jessie Ermon (Lee) Hill. She was a friend and role model, and loved by all. She was tiny, and feisty and loved big. She enjoyed clothes and fashion. She mothered 10 children; 5 biological and 5 adopted. She left a legacy to follow. We chose the name 1909 to honour her and all the strong matriarchal women in our lives. Let it be a reminder to live your wild, messy imperfectly beautiful life. Live it well. Live your legacy.


Meet the founder.

1909 was founded by Kara. You'll often see her around the store helping shoppers put together the perfect outfit for any occasion (be it a memoral day or an every-day). She has incredible eye for detail, and each carefully curated piece in the shop reflects her dedication, love, and meticulous attention to creating a refined shopping experience for Lethbridge and beyond.

What does 1909 mean to us?

It's about living your legacy.

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