Herguard™ Immunity Support-Elderberry 15 Pack

$36.40 CAD
No time for sick days! We created Herguard because who has time for sick days? Herguard helps your body play offense with a healthy and strong immune system. This all-natural supplement is packed with Vitamin C, Zinc, Beta Glucans, Quercetin, and Ashwagandha to help your body be in fighting shape. Put 'em up. Herguard contains a family of compounds called petasins, which have anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, and blood vessel-widening properties. They help lower migraine attack frequency by decreasing inflammation, relaxing muscles, and widening blood vessels, which reduces pressure or tension in the head that leads to migraines. Mix in 8-12 oz of water Safe for kids Pack of 30 servings

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