Hertime™ Hormonal Support- Pom Mango, Peach Passion, Coconut Lime 30 pack

$84.00 CAD
your monthly lifesaver, period. Hertime is a nutritional supplement that helps balance hormones on the daily*. When taken consistently, Hertime Daily can help you take control of bloating, cramps, mood swings, irregular flow, and low energy*. No matter the phase of your cycle, Hertime supports your period health by keeping your hormones in check. We recommend taking Hertime Daily every day! Consistency is key to hormone balance! Take it with 8-12 oz of water and throw in a Herpower or Hermulti for some of our favorite combos! Take one daily Mix in 8-12 oz water Great for teenagers, pre-menopause + post-menopause women Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing

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